Hat- Topshop, Jacket- Zara (old), Shirt Dress- c/o Lazy Oaf, Leggings- Topshop, Boots- ASOS, Rings- Astrid & Miyu here, here & here

Apologies for the mini hiatus of late! My life is literally CRAY CRAY right now and I have had no time and no photographer for the past few weeks, but I'm back and here to stay... I hope!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd kick off my "come back" with a wee bitta colour with this uhhhhmazing shirt dress by Lazy Oaf, I mean COME ON how awesome is it!?
I'm really digging the funny little print; lots of colourful cartoon men going about their business, you know, walking the dog, having a boogie, just general life thaaangs, it's love!
In fact, the whole SS15 Lazy Oaf collection is pretty darn fabulous, I'm currently eyeing up this and this... Incred right!?

I teamed my fun lil wardrobe addition, with, of course, a lil bit of seventies goodness with my fave leather jacket and super chunky platform boots! Topped off with the most beautifully delicate jewellery by Astrid & Miyu, my new fave jewellery brand. I just love how the rings i'm wearing here and the necklaces that are still to come, look when stacked together, just beautiful!

So, who will be at LFW tomorrow? As I am with every other aspect of my life I am still seriously unorganised with the whole thing, but I'm still looking forward to it all the same. Lets hang out guys!?

x M