Lets. Get. Fit!

Leggings- c/o Sweaty Betty, Trainers- Nike c/o Get The Label

New year, new me! Ha I’m joking I hate it when that kinda thang gets thrown around; but joking aside with 2015 something needs to change, starting with my fitness.
Fun fact for y’all, I used to be super fit and super healthy, I played hockey for the North West of England and was pretty darn good at it. I ran the 200m in an Athletics team, ran cross-country every winter and played rounder’s every summer. And then of course, I finished school, and my love for sports was replaced with my love of boys, nights out and fashion… BIG mistake.

Well marginally big mistake, I mean I still love all three of those things but just wish I still had my love and passion for sports and fitness. It’s an effort for me to do anything remotely strenuous when it comes to exercise, the most I’ll do is walk an hour to work (not bad) but then I’ll ruin it by having mac n cheese for tea, so there’s my dilemma!

2015 will be my year (cringe I KNOW) I will get fitter and healthier and hopefully by my summer holiday, have a body I am proud of!

And what better way to kick off the new year, and my new fitness regime then with a brand spanking new kit?!
Sweaty Betty kindly kitted me out in these KILLER Mr Motivator inspired leggings, I mean just look at that print! Clashed perfectly with my Nike Frees from Get The Label; who said exercise had to be dull?

So yeah, it’s a new year and I’m determined (this time) to make a change in my life. I’m going to work out more, say yes more, look after me (more) and make this year one to remember, who’s with me?

x M