Top- c/o Cow Vintage, Trousers- Topshop (old, similar here and here) Shoes- ASOS, Watch- Marc Jacobs c/o Cheshire Oaks McCarthur Glen

HIYA! Did y'all have a very wonderful Christmas? I know I did, spent with my amazing family, keraaazy friends and lots of mightaaaay fine food!
BUT, party wear is by no means the norm for me; I'd much rather slip into A) a onesie, B) Jeans and jumper, and at a push C) a sequin top and leather trouser combo, similar to this look which is pretty much my perfect kinda party wear number!
When it comes to sequin tops, vintage really is the only way forward! You can find the most beautifully intricate tops at some seriously amazing prices; I mean just look at this black, irridescent beauty by Cow Vintage, looking absolute killer with a pair of leathers and a velvet platform heel. The perfect look for party season if I do say so myself, and pretty much the kinda thing i'll be rocking on NYE.

x M