Happy Christmas eve everyone! I can’t quite believe how quickly Christmas has come back around, and I honestly cannot express just how excited I am for it this year!
I’m back in Manchester (finally) and with my incredible, supportive and simply beautiful family!
There’s something about moving out and away from your childhood city that makes you pine for what you had! I mean, I’m loving my new life in London; my job, flat and life are pretty darn good right now, but I can’t help but miss all things Manchester related; which of course makes it all the more exciting to come home.

I have 10 whole days off, which is an absolute DREAM and I plan to spend it with my friends, family and LOTS of food! I have plans with some of the best people in the world, some I’ve known all my life, some in the past few years and some only recently but I am so very excited and feel totally lucky to have them in my life.

It’s been an incredible, life changing yet seriously stressful year so I’m going to put my feet up and eat some A LOT of cheese.

Merry Christmas everyone