Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate*
Kiehls are my ultimate luxury skincare brand, theres something about there minimalistic and honest approach which has me pining for their latest release. Well, that and the fact that they're stores and concessions are the coolest little slices of heaven i've ever seen.

I've heard a lot about the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and i've been trialing it now for the past 2 months, and I absolutely love it.
Just 3 drops of the miracle oil before you go to bed and you skin is left feeling silky, smooth and seriously hydrated. The natural lavender scent is perfect for assisting with a quick and easy trip to the land of nod and I wake up with my skin feeling pretty darn special every single day.

It's £36 and to me, I think that is seriously super reasonable. It works wonders for dehydrated skin, which, if you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I suffer with, and it leaves my face looking seriously radiant each and every morning. But, as you only need 3 drops a go, it will last you for such a long time, money well spent if you ask me.

x M

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