Christmas Gifts- Whittards

Tea, Chocolates, Alice in Wonderland Teas, Rose TeaAlice in Wonderland Mug
As you can tell from my Christmas Wish List post, I seem to have matured ever so slightly this year when it comes to my Christmas wishes. I think it's the fact I am now a fully fledged adult with a salary and no longer a student scraping together my pennies for the dress i've spied in Topshop. So with that, tea, coffee and hot beverages in general are high on my agenda when it comes to presents.

For me, when it comes to tea and coffee you simply cannot go wrong with Whittard's. A shop that I only really pop into at this time of year as it fills me with Christmas joy and cravings for a hot cup of something in a candle lit room with Mariah blasting through the speakers...

If you're a tea/coffee lover like me, or know someone who is then Whittard should definitley be your one stop shop for gifts this Christmas. They have a HUGE range of goodies for every tea loving person out there. Whether it's speciality teas, delicious chocolates or a novelty gift or two like this beautiful Alice in Wonderland set, literally i'm in love, there is something for everyone.

x M

FYI; those Mallows with Caramel are EXACTLY as good as they sound and lasted all of 2 minutes in our household...