Kicker Boots

Coat- c/o VILA, Tshirt- ASOS, Jeans- ASOS, Boots- Kickers c/o Foot Asylum, Bag- Whistles
How beautifully warm does it look in these shots? Well I can tell you now, it was bladdy freezing! One of my favourite type of days nonetheless, when the sun is shining bright in the sky yet it's super chilly with frost on the ground! I took this opportunity to take two new additions to my wardrobe out for a spin, this uhhhmazing fluffy green coat and these oh so retro metallic Kicker boots.

Lets start with the green fluff shall we? It's by VILA and it's a bloody belter, it's a really unusual colour that had everyone complimenting on it. I really love how short in length this jacket is as it's not like anything else I currently own (and trust me my faux fur coat collection is getting rather out of hand). I decided to clash it with a red lip, yano cos i'm a rebel and all that. *Red & Green, never to be seen*

And now i'm throwing it back to the nineties with my Kickers! Just HOW AMAZING ARE THEY!? I feel like a little girl when I wear them and that's always good when you're well into your twenties! I remember being around 4 and my mum dressing me in a pair of pink kicker boots and my younger sister in a pair of red, so they really do bring back some lovely memories! I'm loving the addition of the slight heel to this version, a great touch, I mean, height is always nice when your dinky like me. PLUS rumour has it, they're currently in the sale over on Foot Aslyum... GO GO GO!

x M