A skin care product that you NEED!

So it's not often that I get THIS excited about a skin care product, but honestly i'm amazed. Since moving to London (coincidence or not I don't know) my skin has been playing havoc on my self esteem and confidence, just what I need when both of my jobs entail taking photographs of myself... Not cool.

My chin area has always been my problem area, and many people say this is hormonal, but honestly i'm not so sure. I've experienced a fair amount of stress and that, to me, is the only thing that has changed in the past 6 months of London living, but hey, who knows what's going on in there.

I've tried every lotion and every potion out there for combatting unruly skin but nothing has worked at getting rid of the pesky little sods for good... Until now.

Introducing Foreo, a deep, yet gentle cleansing tool that simply vibrates across your skin, freeing it of dirt, oil and makeup residue, it's that simple. After just one use my sister couldn't believe how clean my skin looked and within a week those spots on my chin had almost disappeared.
Now after 3 weeks of use, I cannot believe the transformation, my skin looks and feels incredible, much clearer, brighter and healthier and of course spot free.

I use the Foreo mini and find it so super easy to use; with just a squirt of my fave cleanser and some water the Foreo glides across my face, cleaning my pores of impurities to reduce blemishes. They're not exactly cheap, with the lowest price for the Foreo mini being £99, but as Christmas is coming up, if you suffer with troublesome skin I would deffo recommend dropping some not so subtle hints about this baby, I can honestly say that I would repurchase in a heartbeat!

Thank you Foreo, THANK YOU!

x M

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