School Memories with New Look

Okay so i'm going to get the awkward elephant in the room over with... Ready... Now LAUGH! I know, I know what an ugly child I was, although i'm not sure what is worse, no make up, slightly chubby, wispy hair 11 year old me or over-plucked brows, backcombed hair, pre braces 16 year old me... HA!

Why i'm sharing these ghastly school shots of myself with you I hear you ask; well New Look have challenged me to do the daring and share some school memories with you. So here goes;

School wasn't the best time for me, I was pretty badly bullied by nasty girls, which made my life a misery from around the age of 12-15. I still get teary about it now whenever I think of the things I went through at school but i've come out fighting and I like to think that they're checking out my Instagram and logging onto ASOS to see me plastered all over it and absolutely HATING ON IT!
As weird as it sounds, i'm kinda thankful that I went through what I went through (kind of) as it's made me the person I am today; I am strong, driven and determined and I will NEVER let anyone treat me the way those awful girls did ever again!

So now onto something a tad more uplifting (sorry), back at school I was big on my sports, playing Hockey for my school and my county. It was an honour to play hockey for the North West of England and it's probably my biggest regret that I ever gave it up :(
I was also mad keen on athletics, rounders and cross country so was awarded the Sports Prefect badge along with all the other sports related badges you can see on my year 11 blazer.

When you hit year 11 you were awarded with a white shirt instead of the blue that the rest of the years had and a red tie if you were a prefect, I'm very happy to see the evolution of the knot of the tie from year 7 to year 11, whoever said it was "cool" to peanut yourself was seriously not okay, but hey we did it anyway!

If I could give my 11 year old self any advice it would be to stand up for yourself, don't hide away and let people bring you down and bully you for your successes or for the boy you were seeing and i'd definitley tell myself to NOT over-pluck those eye brows or back comb your hair... WHAT.WAS.I.THINKING!?

Duffle Coat, Jumper, Skirt, Boots & Bag- All New Look

Cape, Watch, Shirt, Bag, Trousers & Shoes- All New Look
To end this rather sombre post I thought i'd create a couple of wish lists as to what I WISH I could have worn to school. Perhaps if you're heading back to college or uni this month these may inspire you for things to rock. The first a girlie, sixties inspired look incorporating some bad ass boots and the CUTEST duffle coat i've ever seen and the second a lot smarter for that tailored look with the must have cape of the season and some seriously gorgeous zip front brogues.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you're going through something similar to what I went through remember... STAND UP for yourself!

x M