RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks

RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks- Look Fantastic
This is quite possibly the girliest piece of make up that I own; often banishing pink shades to the back of my make up collection and opting for darker bronze and brown shades, particularly for my cheeks, I was rather dubious when this arrived at my door.
However, I was pleasantly surprised by this little beauty by RMK, it's a beautiful matte blush in the middle with an ever so slightly shimmery bronze around the edge. Put them both together and you've got complete and utter cheek harmony.

I've never been a fan of blushes but the difference i've seen in my make up since using this really is amazing, and I now see why so many of my favourite beauty bloggers and YouTubers love their blushes so much. The RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks gives that natural glow that I pine for so dearly and is now an everyday staple to my make up bag! See the full range of Matte Shiny Cheeks available at Look Fantastic here.

x M

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