Cherry Mahogany- Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL

Oh hair, that thing on our head that we battle with day in and day out, that love/hate relationship that has us revelling in that rare "I love my hair" days and threatening a Britney on the more frequent bad hair days.
My vice for mixing it up and giving me a whole new lease of lurrrve for my doo is boxed hair dyes; you can't beat them! Super quick, cheap and easy, giving you that instant refresher that we sometimes so desperately need.

I tried out the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL hair dye recently, a dye i've heard and seen a lot of, mainly for their weird yet seriously wonderful colours that have me wishing I was daring enough to try them out. This time I stepped out of my comfort zone ever so slightly to try out Cherry Mahogany from the Live Color XXL Midnight Garden lookbook and i'm suitably impressed.

Not quite brave enough to go for an all over mahogany shade I added a subtle ombre (sombre) to my locks for that much needed update.
The Live Color XXL kit was seriously easy to use; I was instantly sold when I read that I could apply it WITHOUT wetting my hair first... One faff I can't stand about home kits, and 30 minutes later I washed out the dye to reveal my new look.

With the addition of some messy waves, a spritz of sea salt spray and a large helping of hairspray, I can safely say that I really like the look and i'm pretty darn impressed at my little self for doing quite a good job, what do you lot think?

I've uploaded my look to the Live Color XXL lookbook here and you can do the same with the chance to win some uhhhmazing prizes every week until December. Go on give me a cheeky lil vote here ;)

x M