Hat- Topshop (MEGA old, similar here) Tshirt- Primark, Sweatshirt- c/o Brat & Suzie, Jeans- c/o Urban Outfitters, Bag- c/o Public Desire, Trainers- Vans via ASOS

It's funny isn't it; sometimes you wake up feeling like someone else, wanting to channel a different vibe, thats what I love so much about fashion, I love how you can be the same person, yet look like a different person day in and day out. The worst question I could be asked is "How would you describe your style" it's a question I get asked a lot, that or "Describe your style in three words" well to that I would reply "DIFFERENT. EVERY. DAY" and that it truly is. Somedays I love nothing more than grabbing my favourite dress, donning some heels and some bouncy curls; yet other days it's the Vans skate shoes I gravitate to, teaming it with a novelty sweat and a large hat. Fashion is subjective, why do we need to be defined by what we wear!? Lets just wear what makes us feel good and enjoy it ey?!

x M