Getting Arty With It...

Pens- c/o Staedtler
Me by Me
Me by Will
Me by Miriam

Me by Me
Me by James
Something a little bit different today, getting my art on with a new set of pens that I was kindly sent to try out; I rallied up the troops with Will and some of the babes on my team at ASOS to have a go at trying our the new Staedtler Triplus Roller and Colour pens that have recently launched.

My sketches are pretty damn terrible considering i'm from a creative background, getting slightly better with Wills attempt and dramatically worse with Miriams, how funny though? It makes me HOWL every time I look at it; sorry where did that ice cream come from?
But I think the clear winner is James' drawing, what a talented little babe he is!

I'm not overly sure that these sketches show you the extent of the creative flair that these pens give you but they're pretty damn good. If you're a stationary freak like me then you deffo need to get involved!

x M

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