Pixi Crayon Combo

Pixi Crayon Combo- Wide Awake- c/o HQ Hair
Pixi are a brand that I hear an awful lot about on the blogosphere but it's not a brand i've ever tried before. So I had high hopes for the first Pixi piece to grace my collection and that is the Pixi Crayon Combo- Wide Awake.
It's a double ended pencil with a brightening matte nude on one side and a glowing cream to lighten on the other side. It's just a really nice crayon combo that works to enhance your eyes in a really natural, glowy way adding radiance and really freshening your eyes up.

I'm loving this crayon and can truly see the difference when I use it; my eyes just look so much lighter and brighter and much more awake which is always good. I just pop the nude brightening crayon on my lower waterline, adding the lightening end to my brow bone and the inner corners of my eye for a really nice highlight.

It's a firm favourite in my make up routine and will be for a long time to come.

x M

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