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 So I love these kind of posts, I  love making them and reading them and I haven't done one in such a long time (see my other faces here & here) so I thought it was about time to share some blogger love with some of my FAVE blogs at the moment!
Shot From The Street
First up we have Lizzie, who I actually met recently at the French Connection #NeverMissATrickEvent and what a gorgeous lady she is both inside and out! Her blog is impeccable, with the most stunning photography and beautifully classic and simplistic style! Lizzie's blog is an ultimate favourite of mine and one I check for updates on a daily basis!

Next we have Jen from CassiusRose and oh how I love her style; I think we have similar style and I love seeing how she rocks the latest trends in her own unique way! She's an ultimate babe and there is really nothing she can't pull off! Jen's wardrobe is one that I am absolutely DYING to take a nosey in...just where do you put it all!?!?
And Charissa; I'm sure a firm favourite to many of your blog feeds but oh what a babe she is. Such a sweet girl with the most stunning style. She's upped her game lately when it comes to blog photos and as if her blog wasn't good enough before ...pfft it's even better now and deserves all the praise in the world!
Ce Qui Suit
And last but by no means least, Portia! This girl is such a sweetheart and has kindly taken a few snaps of me before which you may have seen on my blog. Her photography is simply stunning and her blog is filled to the brim with incredible shots of herself and others that she has so skilfully taken! A must read for you photography lovers out there!

So they're my faves of the moment, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I'd also love to add some new blogs to my feed so do leave your links and those who you're loving in the comments below and i'll definitely have a nosey!

x M

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