Wanting what you haven't got!

Hair Extensions c/o Hair Trade
Notice anything different? No? Oh well i'm rocking some hair extensions... yeah really! They're pretty good aren't they and such a great match to my hair.
I'm a typical girl when it comes to hair; always wanting what I haven't got and wishing my hair was longer or shorter depending on who's Instagram i've been stalking...Amy i'm looking at YOU!

After having short hair for well over a year my hair is finally in a good place, a really great length and marginally healthy which is always nice. But i've always lusted after hippie hair, wanting seriously long, wavy hair and basically to look like a total boho babe, so when I had the opportunity to test out some hair extensions I jumped at the chance! The ones i'm wearing are by Hair Trade and they're made from human hair so are super soft and silky. The colour is great and I honestly can't fault them as they also come with clips attached...bonus!

If i'm completely honest I don't love them on me; I feel slightly "chavvy" dare I say it and not really like myself, but if you're in the market for a pair of extensions I would whole heartedly recommend Hair Trade!

x M

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