Stripey Susan

Coord- c/o Dahlia, Sandals- c/o Shellys London
So i've just returned from an idyllic week away in Greece, I stayed at the stunning Pelagos Suites Hotel in Kos and had the most wonderful time.
The weather was beautiful and the resort itself was simply stunning, the most contemporary of hotels with the biggest, most luxurious rooms I have ever had the pleasure of staying in.

For my first evening in Kos I rocked this two piece by Dahlia which you may have already seen over on my Instagram account. Stripes really are my weakness so when combined with another little love of mine; the coord, it really was a match-made in heaven. Topped off with a pair of irridescent sandals by Shellys and a dashing "All Inclusive" yellow band (Grggggh) and I was ready to hit the buffet cart and take full advantage of the all you can eat...

x M

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