Kiehls Skin Rescuer

Skin Rescuer- Kiehls
I'd say possibly one whole year ago now, I headed to Selfridges for a talk with Kiehls, it was a truly wonderful event and so insightful; I learnt so much about skin care and the amazing heritage behind the brand Kiehls (you can read more about the event here)
The event was based around there newest release, Skin Rescuer; a stress minimising daily hydrator and after using it for around 2 weeks after the event I didn't actually think much to it.

However, fast forward one year and I cannot get enough of this little baby. After running out of my usual moisturiser I found this hiding at the back of my bathroom cupboard so thought i'd give it a whirl. And oh how glad I am, it has completely transformed my skin making it look super smooth, clear and dewy which is something I pine for as my skin is so dry!
Skin Rescuer reduces visible signs of stress and flare-ups, including skin fatigue and redness which we all know come hand in hand when life gets a little bit stressful.
Obviously with the big move and the starting of a new job i'm facing the most stress i've ever had in my life and this product has 100% helped my poor skin.
I use it daily and nightly and can't express how much I love it. This is now my second pot of the product and I can't see myself every reverting from it.

x M

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