trainer time

Both Trainers c/o Gola, here & here.
Trainers are having a bit of a moment right about now, as i'm sure you already know. And I for one am loving it. It's not something I thought i'd ever adhere to but it's a welcome relief to slip my tootsies into a pair of comfy trainers and know that by the end of the day I won't have 79375864383 cuts and blisters throughout my feet.
These beauties are by Gola (see my other post featuring Gola here), I wouldn't often admit this but I am a big fan of "His & Hers" dressing, I mean I wouldn't go as far as Britney and Justin in this pic, but theres something rather cute about wearing a feminine version of "his" trainers. His black and orange and rather stand outish and mine more subtle with jewel detailing and gold inserts, perfect for catching coffee on a Spring Sunday morning!

x M