Hi Everyone, I hope you're all well and rested after a lovely long weekend; I wish I could say the same, but i've been completely rushed off my feet. My life has sped up a hell of a lot lately and I only officially finished university today...phew!

So basically this is just a quick post to explain a few little things about my life and the HUGE changes it is currently facing. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may already know that I was offered a job at ASOS as a Personal Stylist, after the worlds most hellish interview process EVER! But hey, i'm here to tell the tale and today was my first official day as part of the ASOS team, which is super duper exciting as ASOS is my all time favourite brand!

May has been one old hectic month for me, wrapping up university and London house hunting all at the same time was no easy task, so that may explain the some what sporadic posting of late; and unfortunately that is only going to get worse throughout the next couple of weeks.
I'm currently typing this from my hotel room as our brand new London flat is currently being refurbished and isn't ready until Saturday when Will and I will finally move in...HURRAH, so hopefully it won't be long until normal blogging resumes, but I thought you all deserved a little explanation for my terrible blogging tekkers!

I hope you all understand, but you can always follow me on Twitter & Instagram for daily updates along with my new shiny ASOS handles, which i'd really appreciate a little follow loving here & here.

Lotsa Love and speak super soon!

x M

P.S London Bloggers, lets do drinks!