Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner*
As an avid Mac Liquid Last Eye Liner fan, nothing really compares to that in my eyes. I've worn it since I was 16 and have never ever looked back. But, as i'm sure y'all know, student living is tough, and sometimes you're beloved products need to take a back seat in place of y'know "necessities" food, travel, stationary....blah blah blah!

So in an absolute eye liner meltdown, when i'd come to the very last remnants of my beloved Mac liner, I popped into Boots, after hearing about the Collection Fast Stroke Eye liner and picked up the Waterproof version.
As dubious as I was, I was actually pretty impressed with this little number, with it's pointy nib, which makes for easy application and it's jet black consistency it went on (almost) like a dream. Not as opaque as I normally like but for the money it was pretty darn good. It's lasting power is also pretty nifty which I was very surprised at.

An eye liner I would definitely recommend if you're on a budget, it doesn't quite match up to my favourite Mac liner, but for those times when money is tight, i'd definitely give it a go.

x M

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