Collection Work The Colour Eye Brow Kit*
Brows have been having a bit of a moment of late and it's something i've been aiming to achieve for a while now.
Finally my brows have got to that intentional "bushy" stage and since then i've been on the hunt for the ideal products to preen and perfect the Cara Brow with!

In steps Collection with their incredible Work The Colour Eye Brow Kit. A mini palette of three different shades, all of which are great for mixing to get the perfect shade for you, a slanted brush to ensure precision and a clear brow mascara to set the powder in place.

It's a really great palette and one I now swear by; i've often found with other products that they don't seem to last and by the end of the day, my brows look a wee bit crispy, which is not a look to be desired. The collection Work The Colour Eye Brow Kit, ensures a full and fluffy brow all day long and I cannot recommend this palette enough.

x M

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