He wears, She wears with ARK, Part 1

Will- Jacket, Jeans, Jumper & Shirt- c/o ARK, Trainers- Adidas
Me- Jacket, Dress- c/o ARK, Boots- Topshop, Fedora- Topshop
Holla, happy 1st December you lavly lot, I cannot believe that it's that time of year already, but I for one am not complaining. Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year, for sure!

Something a tad different on the ole blog today, for a start, meet Will *waves* my lavly boyfriend looking rather suave in his new Ark threads. Then theres me, the big, pink ball of fluff and I could not be happier, or cosier.

x M

Ps apologies for the poor camera quliaty, my dear six year old Nikon is having trouble focusing, so will have to be replaced very soon. Any camera recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated!