Basket Wars

Leather Jacket- H&M, Polo Neck- Primark, Necklace- Ebay, Skirt- Missguided, Bag- Forever 21 (old), Boots- c/o Dolcis
So last week, if you follow me on twitter, you'll know all about my cyber argument with my basket on Missguided. I could not get this little blue beauty into my basket, for the life of me.
Until the next day, it had in fact completely sold out and had been taken off the site. I was devastated after seeing the truly gorgeous Heather from Highsociety rocking it.
Someone, answered my prayers and it was restocked only a few days later and I could not be happier with it. Such a stunning colour and a great cut, a fabulous piece for this season to team with an all black ensemble like what I wore today.
This look, I like to think, was topped off to winter dressing perfection thanks to these absolutely incredible boots by Dolcis. A brand I didn't know was still around, I remember shopping in there with my Momma years ago, willing my feet to grow so I could wear what the "Big Girls" were wearing. But alas they are still here with an online presence and I am oh so glad as my feet are now eligible, huzzah!
I honestly haven't taken them off since they arrived, literally the comfiest heeled shoes i've ever worn, and they're gorgeous, I win!

x M