My room with Matalan

Bedding, Throw, Bird Cage, Clock, Mirror- all c/o Matlan

When I was contacted by the lovely lot at Matalan to style up my student uni room with £50, I was gutted that i'd decided to commute.
Thankfully I was still able to take part, which was amazing as over the summer I gave my room a good bit of love in the form of a complete makeover, however some finishing touches were still well and truly needed, so the £50 gift vouchers from Matalan was one almighty gift, thanks Matalan!

So I popped down to my nearest Matalan with my momma aka the QUEEN of interiors, seriously, she is pretty darn good, and we had a good route around for some statement pieces to give my room that little bit of extra oomph.

I chose this gorgeous striped bedding, as one thing I wanted to incorporate into my room was a mismatch of patterns along with the odd touch of grey to work alongside the blue of my toile de jouy wallpaper. At only £15 it was a serious bargain and i'm really bladdy happy with it.
I also went for the grey checked throw that you can see peeking over the blue blanket that is across the foot of my bed. You know what i'm like with textures, so the fleece of the throw adds a little something to the knitted blue blanket and cotton striped bedding. The throw annoyingly isn't online but it was only a bargainous £5, result!

So thats £20 down and a whole £30 left to play with, huzzah! Well last christmas my parents suprised me with a beautiful vintage trunk, i've always wanted one and I was over the moon with the one they scoped out. I've been working really hard to find a variety of nic nacs to add to it and Matalan really leant a hand with this beautiful tea light bird cage (£15) and retro inspired clock (£6), cute ey?

And finally the pierre de resistance, this beautiful vintage looking gold mirror, it really adds something special to my wallpapered wall and I bladdy lav it, again unfortunately it isn't on the website, but if I remember rightly it was £17, and yes i'm sure you mathematicians out there have worked out that I am well over my £50 budget, however with 10% student discount, that takes it down to £52.20, I know, I know, over again but I just couldn't decide, and I felt that all the beautiful pieces I chose, would add a lot to my room, and £2.20 out of my own money is nothing, please forgive me!

So there we have it, a little insight into my space, I really do love my room and feel the pieces from Matalan have really added to it. What do you think of the pieces I have chosen?

x M