Kiehls Skin Rescuer Event

images 2 & 4 c/o Heroine in Heels
An early Tuesday evening, a few weeks back, I was invited along to the Kiehls event at the Manchester Selfridges store to hear all about brand new product Skin Rescuer.
It was a really lovely and relaxed event taken by the ever so gorgeous Jen and fabulous Paul, accompanied with lots of champagne and some seriously interesting beauty tips.
Kiehls is a brand with a heck load of heritage, each shop and concession is kitted out with the most amazing of nic nacs that really adds to the rawness, retro and real vibe the brand has worked so hard to create.

Skin Rescuer is the latest addition to the Kiehls extensive list of skin care products. A product which, for me is already beginning to work wonders after only one week of use.
Skin Rescuer is a moisturiser, used twice daily, with it's natural ingredients of, Mannose and Rosa Gallica, Skin Rescuer helps protect the skin against external stresses, impressive ey?

I am THEE biggest stress head, and I have currently increased my work load within my job so my skin is beginning to suffer, so this is the perfect time to try out Skin Rescuer, i'll be sure to let you know my results.

Be sure to shop Kiehls here.