snooze ville

Fedora- Topshop
White Sweathshirt- c/o Next
Trousers- c/o Glamorous
Boots- Kurt Geiger (last season)
Bag- c/o Paul's Boutique
A very obvious choice of outfit for me I guess, monochrome, check, cigarette trousers, check, fedora, check; but thats just me, I know what I like.
And speaking of things I like, these incredible trousers were kindly sent to me from Glamorous and oh boy they're amazing. A beautiful flock/embossed paisley print and they fit like a glove, hats off to you Glamorous, or in my case hats on (sorry)
Teamed with this gorgeous sports luxe style sweatshirt from Next, with a dropped hem and 2 silver zips on the cuffs, very nice!
And now the piece de resistance in the form of this uhmaaazing bag by Paul's Boutique.  

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking, Paul's Boutique, tacky, chavvy and uber in your face, I was the same. But infact that has all changed, a nifty little rebrand and the British brand seem to be back on track with classic shapes, colours and styles.
I remember being 13 and literally lusting over every single bag Paul's Boutique sold, even owning three myself, then they took a tumble for the worst... But as you can see, they're back with this beautiful black leather bag with skull stud and tassle detailing, I lurrrve it! Check out the rest of the collection here.

What do you think?

x M

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