Neon lapels

Just a quick one today, to bore you further with the whole GFC closing down malarcky, if you like my blog and don't want to miss out, then come on and follow me over at blog lovin :) that would be dead nice that would.

Nehoo back to today's look, a rather neon affair from Missguided, i've not come across a single person who hasn't mentioned this jacket in some way, either to shade their eyes from the sheer brightness of it or to kindly say how they like my "hi-vis jacket" hmmm, but still, I love it. A dead ringer of those in Topshop, for less than half the price, win win!
Teamed with the newest edition to my shoe collection, these iridescent babies from Zara and a black ensemble it is the perfect colour pop for this time of year...

x M

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