double whammy!

Blouse- H&M (last season)
Jeans- Miss Selfridge
Heels- Zara (sale, hopefully instore?)
Leather Jacket- H&M similar here
Believe it or not, this was a throw on and go kind of look, a bleary eyed reach into the wardrobe and pull out whatever I first touch, kind of look.
White isn't a colour i'd normally do in block form, normally opting for a white top and dark bottoms combo, so this is quite daring for me, but you know what, I don't hate it.
The fact this blouse by H&M's incredible Trend section has some killer cheetah print sleeves breaks up the matchy matchy feel of the double white. Teamed with my new Zara babies (I have a severe Zara shoe problem) my trusty leather jacket and a low key ponytail and I guess i'll do.

What do you think? Bit much on the white front?

x M

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