Let me introduce to you BLK DNM, (apologies if you're already well clued up on the brand, they're rather new to me) A contemporary fashion house that combines life, art, film and the attitude of New York City all into one, sounds good right?
A brand that is focused on black, denim and leather, if that's not a winning combination I don't know what is. Combining these three elements makes for an extremely androgynous collection with pieces that, in theory could be worn by your boyfriend as well as yourself, clever ey?
Founder and head designer Johan Lindeburg, knows his target girl, a girl who needs no excuse to chuck on her beloved leather jacket with an evening dress and a pair of biker boots, a girl after my own heart I must say.
BLK DNM are stocked at Avenue 32 and I am currently pining over every single classic yet understated piece, so I have styled up a dream outfit of mine using nothing but BLK DNM, what do you think?

 x M

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