Wish List

1. Bustier & Shorts- H&M
2. Leather Jacket- Acne
3. Alina Lingerie- Agent Provocateur
4. Bracelet- Little Birdie
5- Handcuff Bag- Vlieger & Vandam
6- Heeled Loafers- Asos
So I havent done a wish list in an awfully long time, and as the 25th of each month brings with it pay day, what better day to create one.
I literally spotted this beautiful two piece from H&M this morning whilst perusing Heat Magazine, I went straight online to buy it and it had completely sold out in my size, NO FAIR! Lets hope the Manchester store have stocked up on the summer beauty!
Number 2 is my dream purchase, the key word being dream. Acne make the most amazing and classic garments and footwear and it is by far my favourite brand, what I would give for a classic biker jacket by the Scandinavian brand.
The third is a rather sexy number by agent provocateur, super beautiful, I love the extra strap detailing across the bust of the bra, I can just imagine it now under a somewhat sheer blouse or tshirt hmmm.
I know that once again this whole wish list has quite a dark vibe going on but I have tried to lighten it up with Numero 4 by jewelery brand Little Birdie, how gorgeous is that? That is my kinda neon.
5 is a bag i've been lusting over for ages now, by Dutch design duo Vlieger & Vandam, I love a good novelty handbag. And finally number 6 these beautiful black leather heeled loafers from asos, they remind me of my most lusted after shoes by miumiu.

What're you pining over at the minute?
x M

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