90's Grunge Revival for The Wild Youth Mag

Article number two was more of a tricky one, Jasmine, editor of the Wild Youth Mag, unknowingly set me quite a tricky task; to write about the 90's grunge revival.
Now don't get me wrong, done well, there are certain parts of this trend that I like, for example, leather and a touch of plaid, maybe a jelly shoe, but thats about as far as I go.
So going on about the 90's grunge revival in a positive light was quite the task, but I gave it a bash and it actually featured on the website, result. So here it is...

' Children of the nineties take note, it’s time to reminisce the long lost era of our youth, a decade that fashion forgot…until now! Grab your dungarees, dig out those Dr Martens and throw on your Nirvana top, we have a revival on our hands!

Take heed from the icons of an era in Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love with a mix of Clarissa Explains It All thrown in for good measure.
Team punky plaids with distressed denim and don't even think about brushing your hair, the thrown together, "I got dressed in 5 minutes" look is what it's all about!

Designers such as House of Holland and Ashish both rocked the 90's vibe this season, with their rendition of the decade of the moment taking to the runway. With hoards of House of Holland models in tie-dye dungarees, coloured plaid and leater all rolled together with an embellished beanie. Whilst those at Ashish donned oversized denim with the return of our hair accessory favourite, the scrunchie!

Dries Van Noten's Summer collection takes a nod to the nineties with dominant silhouettes in flowing silks incorporated with softer hues of pinks and blues but with grown out locks and inch long roots that nineties vibe is most definitely there!

If the 90's look is a bit too much for you then you're in luck as 90's accessories are definitley having a moment right about now. Not only with the scrunchie and beanies of the day but with high top trainers, back packs and jelly shoes, there's something for everyone to add a bit of teen spirit into their look.
Collaborations from the likes of DKNY and Opening Ceremony featuring grunge goddess of today Cara Delevinge have kick started the revival with oversized tees and bombers with a large helping of that 90's Stefani style bun doo, clever!

So come as you are, as long as it's pared down and thrown together, hit the highstreet and get yourselves some of that 90's goodness!"

So there we ha

ve it, a piece on the latest 90's grunge revival, what do you think? As I said not exactly my cup of tea, but if I was to channel my inner 90's goddess theses are my picks on how i'd do it...

 Quite a feminine take on the grunge trend but with nods to the era all the same. This beautiful dusty pink silk dress in plaid print has Dries Van Noten written all over it, teamed with an ankle sock and those black jellies, the perfect spring/summer 90's look. This classic black pinafore from Topshop channels two trends in one, result ey!
I am completely in love with the leather pencil skirt from ASOS, the beautiful duck egg blue colour contrasted with the harsh zips is the perfect balance between girlie and grunge. The beautiful blue shade is also featured in this beautiful backpack from Grafea, again softening up a classic 1990's accessory.  Ripped jeans are everywhere on the highstreet right now, from baggy boyfriends to super skinnies, so these super skinny Matilda jeans from River Island are a must by, and psst, check it out, they're in the sale...GO GO GO!!

And were we have the tye dye phone case, Tye dye is all in all my least favourite part of the 90's revival, but a nod to it with this iphone case by House of Holland is just what I need to bring a touch of 90's into my look.
What do you think? are you girlie, grunge or a little inbetween? say girlunge? grunlie? hmm i'll keep trying ey.


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