Wildfox are totally CLUELESS!

WILDFOX, is a brand I am constantly seeing on the backs of some of my favourite bloggers, so when I saw their most recent lookbook I knew it would be of interest to many of you, and guess what, its based on our favourite 90's programme, CLUELESS, I know right "As If!"

When describing this totally clueless collection Wildfox say;

"The Clueless Collection is all about tees that start conversations, sweaters you can wear all day, sleep in and wear again the next day. They're for throwing on so that you can run out the door and feel beautiful for just about any occasion"

I definitley need to make like Cher, Tai & Dionne and get my mits on at least 5 of these pieces, I am loving the "Shopping is my Cardio" oversized tee and the Clueless catchphrase "As If" Jumper. Shop the collection here.

x M

Thanks to bettizaure.blogspot.co.uk

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