I don't know about you, but I am absolutely loving the folky harmonies and R&B melodies of new girl band HAIM. Frequently played on Radio 1 and XFM it's a band I have always full blasted as soon as their catchy riffs hit my speakers!but only recently have I known the faces behind the music;
Three Californian sisters, with 3 heads of BEAUTIFUL hair, NO FAIR...and to make matters worse...they dress pretty darn well too!

Bohemian, hippy vibes with a hint of rock & roll are definitely coming through, these girls are getting added to my girl crush list ASAP.
If you havent heard of Haim I SERIOUSLY suggest you check them out, as the first girl band that have done it for me since the days of the Spice Girls.

x M

FYI totally different kettle of fish, nothing like the Spice Girls. Although they do appear to be doing the "Stop Right Now" dance routine below...

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