1960's piece for Wild Youth Mag

So as I mentioned last week, i've started writing for brand new youth culture magazine the Wild Youth. I thought i'd share with you the article I wrote for the mag and will do each week, along with a relevant wish list as most of the pieces will probably be trend related.
My first piece for the magazine was based on the current 60's modernist trend, something I absolutely love as the 60's, as an era is probably my favorite for both music and fashion, so it was an absolute pleasure to write.
"Feeling nostalgic? Pining for that lost youth? Or just simply LOVING the retro vibe that’s been hovering around for a few seasons now, then the 60’s modernist trend is one you must get your hands on! But don’t fret; it won’t be hard, as the 60’s modernist is one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2013.

Both Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton donned the catwalks this season with their takes on the 60’s trend; Inspired by art and fashion of the era, this trend freshens up the casual mod look with a palette of chic monochromatic tones.
Geometric prints in monochrome with vibrant colour blocks of sunshine yellow, electric blue and orange are finished off with trims and detailing of fiery red and green pepper hues.

Taking influence from the “it” girls of the decade, Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy, Breton stripes are teamed with chequerboard squares; get clashing those prints like it’s 1965. 
Marc Jacobs brought Sedgwick back to life with his 45 Edie-esque model looks, with their micro hemlines, beehive do’s and swinging coats.
Simple shift dresses in kaleidoscopic prints are contrasted with basic black turtlenecks and boxy suits littered with chevrons.

Prada are another fashion house who are still captivated by the decade 50 years later. With their Spring/Summer 13 collection featuring graphic floral’s in black and white with flashes of red and green, finished off with a pair of thick-rimmed specs and viola, 60’s chic revisited.

It’s not just the designers who have adapted an era, but the high street have some pretty impressive renditions in Crayola box colours for a fraction of the price.

Check out Topshop’s monochrome, geo numbers, in the perfect 60’s silhouettes.
Debenhams Red Herring take on the 60’s shift, which is perfect to get your inner mod on. Teamed with Asos’ interpretation of Prada’s round specs and you’re on to a winner!"

1. Dress- Motel Rocks
2. Round Sunglasses- Jeepers Peepers @ Asos
3. High Neck Blouse- Topshop
4. Geometric Trousers- Topshop
5. Chequerboard handbag- eBay
6. Pop Art Shift Dress- Red Herring @ Debenhams
So there we have it, my first article for The Wild Youth mag along with a seriously 60's wish list. My second piece has just gone live so please check it out here!

x M