Might aswell face it i'm addicted to Chung!

Hello, how are you all?
I must apologise for not blogging AT ALL this week :O I have been super busy with work and to be completely honest, I haven't had all that much to blog about, and I really don't want this blog to be full of worthless crap just so I can say I am a blogger...NOT COOL!

Anyhoo, I have spent the majority of the past few days, scouring model agency websites in the hunt for that perfect male model for an upcoming photoshoot, HELLOOOOO FELLAS!
It is harder than it looks though, looking for that one tattooed and bearded guy to jump out at me amongst a sea of perfectly chiseled, baby faced models, but hey ho, i'm sure someone will turn up, and i'll be sure to post the images as soon as I find that one perfect hottie!

Whilst scouring a variety of model agencies I stumbled upon Alexa Chung's model book. As a MASSIVE, Alexa Chung fan, I am, admittedly constantly looking out for her most recent images to steal some style inspiration from. So to see all of Alexa's modelling work compiled in one place was really quite lovely and has, quite honestly fueled my Chung obsession ever more!

So here it is for y'all to see, enjoy!

PS I'm off to Prague tomorrow for a weekend away with my lovely boyfriend, so blogging will commence when i'm back on Tuesday with my very first outfit posts...scary!