Hilary Walsh

Hello and Happy Friday!! I am soso glad this hectic week is over and I get to go and see my lovely boyfriend for a whole weekend of chilling out!!
I'm currently working on a project for outerwear brand Peter Storm.
Peter Storm is an own brand for Blacks and Millets, both of which are part of the JD plc. Peter Storm has such an interesting history starting way back in 1954 and creating our trusty protection from the British rain, the Cagoule!
We're planning a shoot and a pop up store at an up coming festival, but that really is all I can say at this early stage. Very exciting stuff I must say!!!!

But anyhoo, completely off the topic of outwear and festivals, but whilst researching and scouring the internet for reference I stumbled upon photographer Hilary Walsh who is represented by Atelier Management, a great source of inspiration might I add.
But yeah, Hilary Walsh's work really caught my eye. I truly love the high fashion shots of a variety of celebrities and models with the high contrast and sharp focus, creating such classic shots for magazines such as Nylon, Foam, Bullet, LA and Tank. But what really captures me is the mixture of imagery throughout her portfolio, creative images with elements of mix media, post and pre production, studio and location as well as film and digital work, a true wealth of experimentation has been used in the making of her portfolio, and each image is as beautiful as the next.
I though I would share with you some of the images I have chosen to add to my ever growing inspiration folder on my desktop, you never know where it might come in handy.

x M