Lights Camera Action

Today I annoyingly arrived mega early into the office, which, in the end turned out to be a major blessing.
So yeah, I arrived in the office and I was grabbed by the arm and told "we’re off". So we hopped into a black cab and drove £45.00’s worth across London until we arrived at a set of studios. 
Yes I was going to be in the Christmas Debenhams advert WOOOHOOO!

So we went straight into hair and make up and onto set, where we were introduced to the lovely crew and other extras for the advert and put into position.
I was just behind Henry up a ladder, pretending to have a fun time in the makeshift office whilst stacking fabric, all whilst wearing antlers...PARDY!

It will be aired during the Xfactor just after bonfire night, how exciting ey. See if you can spot me, approx 46 seconds in...

So after the fun was over we were back in the office, but this wasn’t a normal day in the office as resident DIVA Rebekka was leaving House of Holland after five years interning for the brand.
We left early and headed to a thai restaurant in the centre of Shoreditch for some yummy food, and finished the night with a series of drinks in an uber cool yet quiet bar, all on Henry.

It was such a lovely night and something I feel extremely lucky to have been invited to.

(September 25th 2012)

On set for Debenhams H! by Holland Christmas commerical