The Final Photo...

My time at Asos has come to an end, and I’moff home for a well deserved week off, and to celebrate my boyfriends 21stbirthday.
During my short time spent at Asos, I feel I have learnt a lot about the fashion industry and about myself.
I know that styling is definitely something I want to pursue, particularly as apart of a magazine.

But they weren’t getting rid of me thatfast, I had one final shoot to assist with.
This was for their “Wear it 4 ways feature”
The Call Sheet Woo, There I Am
This feature consists of one model and one trend, worn and styled four different ways for four different occasions.
An extremely fun shoot to assist on, especially as the stylist was the lovely Nat and the photographer was AJ Numan,a photographer I have followed for a long time and one of the funniest people I have ever met.
The shoot went without a hitch and looked amazing. I can’t wait to get my issue in the post and have another shoot to add to my portfolio.

Before the shoot was up a package arrived. Naively I opened it thinking it was something from the office for us to use during the shoot. However, it was a bag full of beauty and hair products. I gave it to Nat presuming it was for her and I’d rudely opened it…WHOOPS!
But no, turns out all the girls at Asos had got together a lovely pamper pack for me as a leaving gift, which was super sweet of them and so unexpected. Thanks so much girlies, you lovely lot!

Here are some snaps by me, not AJ :( from behind the scenes...

Monochrome Madness!!
Getting Steamy with the Steamer!
Dressed in monochrome for the occassion
Hair & Make Up

The Beautiful Berndatte Vidacs doing her thang!

And Now Some shots from AJ...


(October 26th 2012)