Thank you HoH!

So looking back, House of Holland was an extremely valuable experience, as I truly thought buying was something I was interested in pursuing once I had graduated. Oh how wrong I was.
I really hope you aren't reading this and thinking how ungrateful I am because I am so not, I am utterly grateful to all at House of Holland for allowing me to be a part of their team and giving me valuable industry experience.
House of Holland has been my favorite fashion house for a very long time and it will definitely remain that way!!

Here are some of my outfit choices whilst at House of Holland that I thought I would share with you..

House of Holland Silk Tee dress
Now on Sale

House of Holland Striped Tee
Now On Sale

House of Holland Silk Houndstooth Blouse
SOLD OUT but how about this alternative?

House of Holland Silk Bones Blouse
Old Season SOLD OUT!

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