House of Holland...

So i've gone all old school recently and have jotted all my internship adventures down by pen, SHOCKER! So this is me springing into the 21st century and allowing my scribbles to be seen by cyber space, which is kind of spooky, but hey ho.

My first adventure was at House of Holland in Shoreditch back in August...

I eagerly pressed the buzzer to the House of Holland office, ecstatic to be back with the brand I have loved and longed to work for, for so long.

The Sales Manager and Director took me through a variety of up coming tasks I was to undergo as part of my role as Sales and Buying Assistant.

Those included, liaising with buyers from the UK and overseas, ensuring they had enough stock and assisting with any additional visuals or information they may need to ensure a positive selling environment.

Another of the tasks mentioned was to go toa number of London based stockists and create a store profile to go out on both the blog and in a newsletter to stockists throughout the world to ensure they had merchandised the collection correctly.

The final ongoing task was to create a target stores list, a list of stores throughout the world that House of Holland would sit comfortably in, to target appropriately.

Along with the above ongoing tasks, the usual every day running’s of the office were to go ahead as usual which included packing up customer online orders, ensuring they were shipped correctly and helping other members of staff with any additional jobs required.