Red or Dead

In two weeks time, I have a very exciting photo shoot to get my mitts into...a Red or Dead lookbook!!!!
I love Red or Dead, particularly the fact that Red or Dead has it's own unique look and feel to the brand, it knows who it is, and it knows that you know too!
It is something I am seriously so excited for, and I've been prepping like crazy trying to find the perfect concept and the most ostentatious location possible.
I'm really pushing Bank to let me run wild with this shoot, I want the Red or Dead personality to really shine through and for it to be totally different to anything the other brands in Bank have done.

I have researched into a number of possible concepts which I thought I'd show you as this isn't just a blog for me to use as a diary, I want it to hold a wealth of inspiration for myself and for you, for any creative projects in the future.

Check back for behind the scenes gossip from the shoot.

x M