One week in and LOVING IT!

A week in and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time at Asos, everyone is so so lovely and I’m finally beginning to navigate my way around the 3 floors of office space efficiently.
I really love the varied jobs from day to day, whether it be assisting on photo shoots, packing looks for shoots, creating mood boards to inspire the stylists, researching or even observing the stylists in all their glory.
Watching them creatively style up 3-5 outfits to fit to a brief is truly inspiring and has given me a real taste into the life of an in house stylist,something I am very keen on the idea of.

Once the looks were signed off, they were then packed and sent to various locations around the UK and the world.

I feel truly honored to be a part of such an amazing and successful company as Asos, I love the way in which they involve me in all their decision making and have given me a fair amount of responsibility considering I’ve only been their for a week.
Today I was given the task of picking items for the Asos, Fashion Up phone app. I was set a brief and told to scour the website for things that suited.
When I saw the items I picked go live a few days later I was excited to say the least…