bubble wrap

I have a variety of roles whilst atMcQueen, and one of the key things I have enjoyed so far is the routine. Everyday you know (mostly) what to expect, starting the day by checking for coveragein an array of publications, from broadsheets, red tabs, weeklies and monthliesit was our job to spot the coverage and alert the appropriate manager, whetherit be womenswear, menswear, accessories or McQ.
The afternoon consisted of gathering requests from said publications and locating the  chosen items, then sufficiently packing them up and shipping them around the world. Quite exciting when months later you see the coverage you helped to make happen.

So I was accessories intern, meaning I was in charge of ensuring the requests for a variety of publications were located and sent out sufficiently and effectively.
Due to the high number of accessories in the Spring Summer 2013 Alexander McQueen collection this was a very tough job. The accessories were either made from plexiglass or an intricate brass material encrusted with crystals, therefore, each individual piece had to be wrapped in a rolls worth of bubble wrap, to ensure the delicate items weren't to get broken or ruined in the shipping process.
Below are some images of the incredible S/S 13 collection and you can see the delicate items I was dealing with.
And don't even get me started with the packing of the hats...