busy busy

I've been working really hard lately getting ready for the Tulisa for Bank, "The Female Boss" Range Spring/Summer 13 photo shoot. The last photo shoot was a success and the images were brilliant, so I have a lot to live up to now it is up to me to come up with a concept.

I'd seen the product I was working with from the buyers and it was very much a black and white theme with a pink colour pop here and there, so the creative juices of my brain started bubbling.
I was told that it had to be in a studio with the option for simple, white background press shots.

And off I went, gathering research from all over the shop, photographers, stylists, blogs and even
model agencies each image adding to the reference that will eventually be the emphasis of the shoot.

Below are some of the images used to present my concept to the board and to Tulisa's team.
We decided to stick with the monochrome theme, which is a massive trend this season. To go for a black and white flooring which would be interchangeable, from black and white zig zags, to the tradition checkered look and then finally to the white flooring for press shots;