This isn't really a post about my time at McQueen, I guess its a post to show off.
Today we were lucky enough to get the morning off to check out the Acne sample sale. The majority of the press office headed down to London Fields to get our hands on some Acne goodies.
Queing in the freezing London cold didn't even put the avid fashion followers off, it was based on a 1 in 1 out policy, which was highly annoying when we were stopped first as the beginning of the second group, NOOOO we all cried as we heard the clippy clopping of the reduced Acne Pistol boots leaving the building with a very smug shopper.
But it was now our turn, and in we went, or run, which ever way you want to look at it. Scouring the rails for the Acne bargains, I spotted them, through the beautiful yet still out of my budget Orange Sima coat, the Acne Pistol boots, boots I have oooooed and ahhhhed over since I first spotted them in Vogue.
I raced over to wear they were placed flung them upside down and jumped for joy as the number on the sole read 38!
It was meant to be and I quickly snapped them up like the smug little shopper I'd envisaged others to be.

I very rarely wear my Pistol's for fear of ruining them, one mere scuff and it's a sharp blow to my chest, but here they are in all there glory, no im not showing off!